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From the Bakery
All of our artisan breads are made with untreated flour, and have no added fat or sugar. They are cholesterol-free and have natural dietary fiber. All types are all natural and can be frozen and refrozen without losing any taste. They're good for everybody's health!

Vollkornbrot - Dark Multi-Seed Rye Bread
A hearty, whole grain, high fiber bread that gets its nutty taste from whole seeds. Germans don't call it VOLLKORNBROT for nothing..

Schwarzbrot - Black Bread
A rich, seedless, whole grain bread baked with untreated crushed wheat and rye giving it a high fiber content.

Bayrisches Bauernbrot - Bavarian Farmers Bread
A taste of Bavaria that is well known to many. This bread has a nutty and unique sour taste making it an original.

Landbrot - Country Bread
Great for sandwiches, this lighter varietal still exceeds German standards.

Kartoffelbrot - Potato Bread
A tasty wheat and potato flour bread ideal for toasting.

Stollen - German Christmas Bread -
Plan to get up early! German Christmas Stollen will be available on a first-come, first-served basis the 1st and 2nd week of December. It's always a favorite that sells out fast.

Look for Mueller's Real Bread at the New Orleans Farmers Market on Uptown Square every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, or place your order directly by emailing Mueller's Real Bread, LLC.

Four loaves in any combination can be sent within a 600 mile radius of New Orleans and will arive in 2-3 days. The estimated cost is $36 (shipping and handling are included in the price). Shipping on Monday or Tuesday will guarantee same-week delivery and freshness.

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